Corbett Falls

Corbett falls is to be found 3 kms from Kaladhungi which is a welcome by nature with sound of water. Corbett falls is very much close to the well-known Kempty falls in Mussoorie, but Corbett falls is not spoiled by travelers and locals as evaluates to Kempty falls. The cool clear water flowing from a height is attractiveness worth admiring. Above all, the way that leads you to the Corbett waterfall will charm you much before you reach there. Corbett Falls flow down from a height of 20 meters, with gurgling sound complemented by the chirps of 100s of birds.

Corbett Falls area is a great place for camping, picnicking or relaxing. Forest authorities have provided basic facilities for the guests. Regular transport services are available here so that nature-lovers can enjoy the beauty with convenience. Feel the tranquility extend all around and treat your eyes to the greenery extend all around while the birds are chirping in the background.

Corbett Falls is certainly gorgeous rustling leaves and killing stillness absolutely charms every tourist here. The extensive region around the water falls provides very good parking and camping facilities. It is a very nice picnic spot. A close to attraction is ‘Nature Walk’ museum, where one can experience the pure nature in its primitive style and calm.

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