Garjia Safari Zone

Garjia is a very popular jungle area of the picturesque Jim Corbett National Park. This tourism zone is enriched with a large variety of floral and faunal species. When the tourist’s preference in terms of safari is concerned Garjia gives a tough competition to Dhikala tourism zone. The zone is popular for its wonderful landscape and it is a very cool and calm place. The dense forest and its natural beauty are admired by visitors. This region is one of the most important areas of Corbett Park.

Garjia Safari Zone (Ringora Safari Zone) in Corbett is highly bestowed with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Garjia is located at a suitable distance (9 Km ) from Ramnagar city and is the most preferred zone for wildlife lovers. Garjia has a rich population of Royal Bengal Tigers and offers a wonderful sight to its visitors. Amdanda gate is the entrance to this zone and it consists of buffer, tourism, and core areas. In one shift a limited number of vehicles are allowed to enter so that the natural habitats of wildlife do not get disturbed. If you wish you can enjoy the Jeep safari for the full day to catch wildlife in Corbett Park. Garjia and Malani Forest Rest House are two wonderful loading options in the Garjia zone, where you can experience a comfortable stay.


  1. Winter Safari Time-

Entry for Morning Safari – 06:00 AM and Exit – 10:00 AM.

Evening Safari Entry – 02:00 PM and Exit – 05:30 PM.

  1. Summer Safari Time

Entry in Morning Safari – 06:00 AM and Exit – 09:30 AM.

Evening Safari Entry – 02:00 PM and Exit – 06:30 PM

Things To Do In Garjia Safari Zone

  • Wonderful sightseeing
  • Experience the Jeep Safari

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