Koshi River

The Kosi River flows through Jim Corbett National Park’s eastern edge, providing a scenic setting with a stunning view of the hills in the background and crystal-clear waters. It is inhabited by mahseer fish and draws a vast quantity of migratory birds. It is also popular for rafting, which is permitted with permission from the government.

The Kosi River runs along the southeastern edge of Jim Corbett National Park. It runs from Mohan to Ramnagar before reaching Dhikuli in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. The river does not enter the national park, but it does cross several important ranges of the sanctuary.

The river flows from Mohan to Dhikuli and then to Ramnagar, a small town near Nainital. This is a fantastic tourist site with lush green trees around the river, the presence of wild creatures that come to the riverside to drink water, and a terrific adventurous view.

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