Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake, famously known as Naini Lake is the major attraction of Naintal town as well of Uttarakhand. Surrounded by panoramic seven hills, Nainital lake is a favourite spot among romantic travellers around the world. It is one of the most visited lakes in India.

This captivating water body, Nainital Lake, rightly called the “Queen of Lakes” has become synonymous with India’s tourism heritage due to the numerous thrilling experiences it offers every visitor! Residing amidst majestic mountains covered intricately with lush greenery stands this incredible freshwater Lake boasting serene surroundings filled by quintessential small countryside cabins around it. Tourists are bound to get mesmerised by the shimmering waters reflecting the scenic grandeur and making for a surreal backdrop of this lake.

There are various water sports events one can participate in while visiting such as paddle-boats, shikara rides or rowing boats. The sky blue colour of the water further enhances its charm against the verdant greenery around this location. To add to the experience, Nainital Lake is enveloped by Mall Road bustling with activity all year round, where visitors can explore various shops selling souvenirs like traditional artefacts, hotels offering luxurious stays and eateries selling delectable local dishes.This popular destination is home to another much-revered attraction, Naina Devi Temple. Here devotees come from around the world to pay respects whilst experiencing divine blessings first-hand throughout the year.

Adding to its cultural significance are several events showcased annually like Nanda Devi Festival and Nainital Winter Carnival that showcase vibrant dance and music performances crafted authentically to preserve regional folklore!

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